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It lives!...9/29/03-
It's kind of pathetic when I forget the dialog because it's been so long since I sketched out the comic. It's *really* pathetic when I have to look up the previous page on the website to figure out what's going on. So I think I'll try a little harder to do regular updates. -_-;;
Tried a new way of coloring. Not really noticeable except for hair, but it goes a little quicker. I think Shiro's hair looks a lot better this way, too.

Ah, college...9/08/03-
I've been having computer, scanner, and internet issues...but everything's working now, so updates should continue as scheduled for a while.

A manic depressive who walks in the rain...8/11/03-
This turned out to be an important page, I guess...Laeiluri's first appearance, and we finally get to see some actual Shiarreth. I better go update the character section.
...Which reminds me: Fanart section has been updated.

Words cannot express...8/04/03-
...the evil that is this page. Seriously. Imako's hands look deformed in the first panel, and she just looks ...wrong in the last panel there. *glare* I realized after I was done inking that her eyes are set too high on her face.

*sigh* I couldn't log in to upload this last night for some reason... More interesting layout panel thingies this week... some character development... not much plot, but there's some next week, really.

Hey, Art Exchange People!...6/18/03-
And anyone else who might be interested--check here for characters from Spiral Dance, another story I'm working on--more of a fantasy story than sci-fi. Feel free to draw those characters for exchanges or the ones here from In Due Time, whatever. Although there aren't pictures for all of the Spiral Dance people yet. Lots of broken images, actually, because I haven't finished scanning things yet...

So that's the story with the computer. I tried some new things with panel layout for this page. It wasn't as difficult as I expected, so I might be doing more interesting layouts than rectangular boxes in the future.

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